Friend AirCare, Inc. offers unique and customized installation of a variety of Avionics. We offer custom instrument panels that include the latest state of the art avionics including RVSM.

Pitot-Static FAR 91.411/91.413 testing and RVSM recertification

406-m/Hz ELT installations and testing


Avionics Products Installed

Friend AirCare, Inc. is a authorized dealer for many of the most notable Avionics Manufacturers and provides custom installations of avionics and RVSM as well as line maintenance repair service. We offer Static/Transponder and RVSM re-certification.

Garmin Aviation:  www.garmin.com

Genesys Aerosystems: www.genesys-aerosystems.com

Sandel: www.sandel.com

Shadin Avionics: www.shadin.com

Ryan International: www.ryaninternational.com

PS Engineering :www.ps-engineering.com

L3 Avionics: www.as.l-3com.com

Meggitt Magic Dealer & Meggitt Avionics: www.meggitt.com

LoPresti Partnership: www.speedmods.com

Flight Display Systems: www.flightdisplay.com