Friend Aircare, Inc. is experienced in accomplishing STC modifications including avionics, cowling, propellers, and lighting systems.

We offer installation of STC's of various products including:

  • Raisbeck Cowling Propeller and Airframe Modifications 

  • American Aviation Ram Air Cowling Installations & Low Drag Exhaust Stacks

  • Blackhawk Engine Conversion

  • Frakes Low Drag Exhaust Stacks

  • Whelen LED Light Conversions

  • Concorde Lead Acid Battery

  • Cleveland Wheel & Brake

  • M. T. Propeller Installation

  • McCauley Propeller Installation

  • Hartzell Propeller Installation

  • Whelen LED Landing/Taxi & NAV Lights

  • Life Port Medical Installations

  • Avionics Installations